Footprint is an academic journal dedicated to publishing architecture and urban research. Architecture and urbanism are the points of departure and the core interests of the journal. From this perspective, the journal encourages the study of architecture and the urban environment as a means of comprehending culture and society, and as a tool for relating them to shifting ideological doctrines and philosophical ideas. The journal promotes the creation and development – or revision - of conceptual frameworks and methods of inquiry. It is engaged in creating a body of critical and reflexive texts with a breadth and depth of thought which would enrich the architecture discipline and produce new knowledge, conceptual methodologies and original understandings.

Footprint is published by the Architecture Theory Chair (TU Delft) and Stichting Footprint in collaboration with Techne Press. It is published twice a year, in spring and autumn. Special issues will be published occasionally, independently of this timeline and in addition to the two scheduled issues per year. The journal is available for free download or in hardcopy for purchase. Please note that the images in the hardcopy are in black & white. Subscriptions and hardcopies are available via Techne press.

Footprint is indexed by Elsevier's Scopus and DOAJ. It is an open access journal that does not charge authors an article processing charge (APC).
ISSN 1875-1490
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